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Beginners Running Group

07960 949151

A new addition to the Meads Runners timetable is the beginners run session.   The rapidly growing group have been gathering on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm where Level 3 Personal Trainer, Tracy McGregor-Duke has been introducing a range of interval training routines.  



The sessions are based on the same principles as the main, Meads Runners Club but with scaled down distances.  Sometimes it can be too intimidating for complete beginners to turn up to a club where established, competitive runners are charging along.  



The aim with this session is to be fully inclusive. Within a friendly, safe environment, absolutely anyone can give running a go.  



Some runners from this group have already graduated to the 7:30pm main club, sometimes it just gives people the confidence to realise they can do it.  


If you would like to chat about this, or any other session, give Tracy a call on

07960 949151.




Wednesday 9:30am 

Wednesday 7:30pm

Thursday    9:30am


           This morning's session was..... 

200m 200m 400m 600m 400m 200m 200m.

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