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Mike's Challenges...

Wish Tower Hill Car Park Challenge 

The Challenge is.....



From the bottom of the hill ( there's currently a barrier which marks it) run to the very top where the line marks the highest parking space.  Return to the bottom of the hill.  Sprint back to the second highest line which marks the space then back to the bottom again.  Then sprint to third highest etc etc until you've run to each line, descending down a space each time. Stop the clock when you cross the bottom line after the last space.  Mail your times to                                                                       We'd love to hear your times, non club members too.  Get going before Mike's 'Super Challenge' is revealed.  

Times so far......


Jamie Russell

Justin Rivett


Jackie Turner

Barnaby Brown

Colin Haffenden

Alison Hammond


Rihanne Sarna

James Roberts

Gary Pibworth

Henry Duke

Becky Manos

Toby Van Der Meer

Benita Estevez

Ros Daintree

Jo Heath

Chris Stansfield

Lucy Russell

Phil Gurney

Claire Lockwood

Katie Hilsden

Matt Day

Paul Grenfell

Wendy Scott

Dan Hale

Dale Anderton

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