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Mike Ovens

6:15am Tuesday mornings see the group 'up and at it' whilst most people are still in their beds.  There can be no better way to start the day than to train whilst the sun rises. 
9:30am  Wenesday mornings after school drop-off class focussing on the Abs and core area.  Designed as an introductory class - slightly less 'hardcore' than the Wednesday class with Mike. (with Mums in mind, it's fine if you need to bring your pram along with you...and baby!! ) 
7:00pm Wednesday evenings. Focussing entirely on the Abs and Core area. This pre- running club half hour session will bash those abs into shape and build strength through the whole core region. 

6:00pm Friday evenings -  Incredible way to round off the week and hit the weekend hard with Mikes Military Circuit. 

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Eastbourne's only genuine military trainer

If you're looking for a hardcore workout that's also great fun, this is for you.  Mike Ovens, former Royal Navy Officer is a Level 4 Personal trainer.  He provides an outstanding circuit based workout, twice weekly.  No two workouts are ever the same, with his wealth of experience and advanced training methods.  He will get you seriously fit and you will have fun along the way! This is a full body workout concentrating on arms, legs, abs and core as well as a bit of good old fashioned cardio work.


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